Free Love Spells

Lust Spell

People cast this spell for various purposes.
Reasons to cast this spell could be numerous. You may cast this spell if you desire someone or you are looking for a steamy affair or it could possibly be that you seek a one night stand with "A" particular person. Whatever the reason, this spell fits the bill.

On a full moon night you have to take a small wooden box and fill it red rose petals and sprinkle few drops of rose water on the petals. Close the box and keep it safely. You will never open the box.

You will chant this spell 29 times while imagining the desired partner of choice with compassion and belief in your heart while performing the entire procedure of inserting the rose petals to sprinkling the rose water.

Kalsal Terua Zobal Dazak

Within days the person in question will be yours.