Magical Egyptian Holy Prayer Mat

I have prepared this holy prayer mat and infused it with tremendous powers and Egyptian prayers, at the same time i shall be sending you a wooden Egyptian sacred rosary of 100 beads.

You simply have to sit on the prayer mat each evening and chant the secret Egyptian power prayer daily by the use of the rosary and then you may simply speak out your desires and wishes.

By doing the above your life will change and is considered by me as the most effective power prayer formula produced by me till date.

The Egyptian prayer that i will send you is mystical and full of blessings. The person who will recite this prayer will be showered with blessings to such an extent that not only he but his future generations will also reap the rewards.

This Egyptian prayer is a direct plea to the Egyptian deities to accept and fulfill all your desires, requests and wishes.

Your wishes and desires will be answered within days.

Price $120