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Divert A Marriage Spell

By reading the heading or the name of this spell will make you wonder and the question will arise that what kind of a spell is this. Below is an explanation….

People after using this spell actually have requested me to send them my personal details whereby they can send in donations as a thanks giving….here is why.

Parents cast this spell out of desperation where their child falls in love with someone out of infatuation.

Teenagers often fall for mere ignorance when it comes to choosing the right partner as most don't understand that it is a lifetime commitment and there is no looking back once you get married.

Teenagers at a tender age do make such mistakes for which then end up repenting later.

You will cast this spell immediately after sunrise and chant this spell 199 times. After chanting you will blow the air from mouth onto the picture of the person (child, loved one, family member etc)

Zailmal Mailmal Tarklal Muzaazoon

Within a month by Gods grace the marriage or affair will get diverted completely.