Magical Gaboo Kadaa (Bracelet)

The Kadaa is infused by magical powers. It is of multipurpose use.

No other spiritual power can come close or even match the powers of this bracelet. It will provide prosperity, harmony, success, wealth, fame, fortune and will even provide you with ultimate protection and security.

The Kadaa has mysterious history attached to it. The stone that you see engraved in the Kadaa is specially obtained from the holy mountain located at my sacred village. Around few hundred years back this mountain was blessed by the holiest of holy saint as the saint used to offer his prayers on the top of this mountain. Till date it is the ultimate truth that people attain and get their desires fulfilled only by touching this holy mountain.

If people are noticing wonders by simply touching the mountain so imagine what happens if you have the sacred stone extracted from the sacred mount 24/7 with you.

Call it good fortune or destiny that the mountain is placed on the land which was owned by my forefathers and now has come under my direct supervision.

This is a precious powers and a most prized possession to own.

Price $100