Genie Invocation

Genies are unseen forces of nature created by God. Genies are the most supreme creation and are made of fire unlike humans who are made of bones and flesh.

The Invocation enables a common man to invoke the genie and successfully command him. Let me explain the concept and basis on which the invocation works in brief because your mind will baffle if i explain to you in details about the genie, its existence and the invocation. Simply put, with the invocation you will be opening the gate of the unseen world and will command the genie to come into the seen/visible world........Period!!!

With the invocation, you will be the master of the genie. The genie once under your command will provide you with all that you ask him for. He will bring the heaven and the earth together to fulfill your demands.....Need i say more!!!

The genie will manifest any and all your desires within a blink of an eye.

The genie will provide you with wealth, fame, fortune, success and celebrity status.

Let me clarify a myth and a misconception that the genie will grant only 3 wishes and will disappear. The genie that you will be invoking will grant any number of wishes for you and will be under your command for life.

Price $150