Magical Crystal Ball

The crystal ball is of dual use. It increases your concentration which is very much essential for meditation and concentration in turn brings peace and happiness into your day to day life. Gazing at the crystal ball keeps you always in control and keeps you focused. It will also increase the power of your subconscious mind 10 folds. The increase in the power of the subconscious will make you command and control your life as you desire.

Holding the crystal ball in your hand will emit positive healthy vibrations in your body which will keep you in control and will also keep your anger in control. The crystal ball will keep your blood pressure in control and will keep your body healthy from inside and outside.

Will restore the normal hormonal levels which lead to proper erections, sexual drive and libido.

Also works to fight aging issues namely grey hair, hair loss, wrinkles, loss of memory etc.

Price $85